Sanavita Calorio Plus 10ml


Sanavita Calorio Plus 10ml

Lubricating and sterile eye drops with Hyaluronic Acid. Ophthlamic solution with Hyaluronic Acid (0,4%), obtained by biotecnological synthesis. Hyaluronic acid displays several function: mucomimetical, mucoadhesive and viscoelastic. These activities improve the stability of lacrimal film, in order to preserve a lubricated, hydrated and protected eye surface. When it is used: the lubricating, hydrating and protective properties of Hyaluronic Acid are useful to the relief of eyes in case of irritation, burning sensation and perception of foreing body in the eye, due to wind, sun, dry air, salty water, smoke, intense light, air-conditioner, heating system, extended use of computer or ocular surgery, conjunctivitis or extended wearing of contact lenses.

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