Floxia Regard Eye Surrounding Intense Gel 15ml


Floxia Regard Eye Surrounding Intense Gel 15ml

Regard Gel helps decongesting, decreasing redness and also helps to maintain a balanced hydration to that thin epidermis.

Immediate sensorial efficiency, a short and long term skin tensor, and anti wrinkle action.Gel texture of Regard is immediately absorbed by the epidermis, bringing freshness and well-being sensation.

Regard will make the eye surrounding area lighter and clearer.

Actiflow: Eases blood circulation,  reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags, makes the area around the eye look rested, with a uniform complexion.

Sea Mayweed:A seaside plant proved to soothe any signs of irritation and reduce the appearance of long-term redness by 20%.

Sodium Hyaluronate and Prphyal+: 

Indispensable anti-age biomarker that hydrates skin, consolidates the dermal bed and thereby smooths out wrinkles.

Osilift: Immediate sensorial efficiency, visibly perceptible by consumer, A short and long term skin tensor and  anti wrinkle action


Apply once a day on cleansed skin

Avoid contact with eyes.

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