Ecrinal ANP2+ 200ml For Men


Ecrinal ANP2+ Fortifying Shampoo For Men

Fights hair loss and dandruff

ANP2 + is a complex of lipids from the selected vegetable oils: Macadamia oil, Camelina oil and Grapeseed oil with 2 natural esters, Vitamin E and the new silk derivative Thio – Lipesters.

Fights hair loss and dandruff
Enhances hair regrowth
Fights oiliness

The active ingredients of Ecrinal ANP2 + shampoo, D-Panthenol and ANP2 + (a world-class patented ingredient of Asepta), have a tonic and rejuvenating effect on the hair roots and especially on weak and dull hair while at the same time cleaning them deeply.

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Fortifying Shampoo, Against Hair Loss & Dandruff For Men, 200ml

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