Floxia Regenia 40 ml


Floxia Regenia 40 ml

The Regenerating and Redness Control Cream is a face care product. It instantly relieves and repairs the damaged and sensitive skins.

Its soft and repairing formula attenuates redness and unifies the complexion. The Regenerating and Redness Control Cream calms irritation and moisturizes dry skin.

Ideal as beauty care after exposure to the sun, the Regenerating and Redness Control Cream:

  • Protects the epidermis from external aggressions,
  • Soothes irritation and itching,
  • Reduces redness,
  • Unifies and brightens the skin tone,
  • Regenerates damaged skin tissue,
  • Improves the healing of the skin.

To protect and relieve your skin from anything that can damage it, use the Regenerating and Redness Control Cream in your face care routine.

The Regenerating and Redness Control Cream for damaged, reactive and sensitive skin prone to redness. During the summer, the regenerating cream repairs the skin after a sunburn.

Give your skin a new lease on life! Regain your skin’s serenity and order Regenia’s anti-redness cream.

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Anti-redness cream for reactive and sensitive skin: a soothing, repairing and regenerating treatment

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