Floxia PEEL OFF Exfoliating Detox Mask – 40 ml


Floxia PEEL OFF Exfoliating Detox Mask – 40 ml

A soft and regenerated skin in the wink of an eye, is now possible! The Peel-Off Exfoliating Detox Mask cleansespurifies and detoxifies the skin of its impurities. Its active exfoliating ingredients eliminate dead cells from the epidermis and accelerate skin renewal. The skin of the face is regenerated. It is rid of imperfections and sebum excess.

Applied once or twice a week for 20 minutes, this mask makes miracles:

  • It eliminates impurities and accumulated toxins (pollution, external aggressions, etc.),
  • It promotes cell regeneration (elimination of dead skin),
  • It smoothes the skin and brightens the complexion.

Say goodbye to a dull complexion, wrinkles and fine lines, pimples, blackheads and dilated pores. With the Peel-Off Exfoliating Detox Mask, give your skin a new radiance. Its gel texture leaves a light film on your face. The antioxidantpurifying and moisturizing powers of its active ingredients are revealed and enhance your skin.

Find or keep a beautiful skin and try it now!


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PEEL OFF face mask: detoxifying, exfoliating, purifying

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