Byphasse Capsule Collection


Byphasse Capsule Collection for face & body

Skin type: All types of skin

The Capsule Collection case is composed of:

Lotion Tonique à l’eau de rose 200ml: BYPHASSE Gentle Toner with rose water tones and cleanses without irritating your skin. Your face will be fresher and more radiant. Your face will be clean and ready for the next step in care.

Lait Corporel Nutritif 200ml: The BYPHASSE nourishing body lotion with royal jelly nourishes and softens your skin. Its royal jelly formula provides the necessary hydration for your skin. It leaves a soft and light fragrance for a well-being feeling.

Fix make-up 75ml: The Fix Make-up spray sets your make-up and ensures a long-lasting finish. It makes an invisible and non-sticky layer. The secret of make-up experts!

Lait de Douche Fleur de Coton 200ml: The subtle and exotic scents of our line transport you to unforgettable horizons. The BYPHASSE cotton flower shower milk provides your skin with all the necessary benefits for a shower of sweetness. Choose the soft fragrance of the cotton flower to enjoy a relaxing moment in the shower every day that transports you to the sun-soaked south.

24h sweet almond oil Deodorant 20ml: The 24-hour deodorant with sweet almond oil is fragranced with natural essential oils and notes of toasted almonds, milky and delicious, plunges you into a universe of sweetness and protects you throughout the day.

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Weight 1 kg

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